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Alan Watt cuts through the matrix (on his 7/26/12 podcast).

by Lex Fisher Alan Watt is an information crusader whose daily podcast is called Cutting Through the Matrix.  He has also written numerous books and articles.  Cutting Through the Matrix usually begins with a tirade by Watt where he describes his unique version of the globalist agenda on that particular day.  Then he discusses articles … Continue reading

Communitarianism and a Hidden Agenda 21

by Lex Fisher On July 3rd, 2012, James Corbett interviewed Niki Raapana for The Corbett Report (ref).  Raapana is an anti-communitarianism activist.  Communitarianism is something Raapana said she discovered after community police knocked at her door many years ago asking to search her home.  The shock from this type of encroachment on her personal privacy … Continue reading

Reality Check: Is the US backing Al Qaeda in Syria?

Ben Swann’s reality report on Cincinnati’s Fox Affiliate news program has been investigating some real issues.  Let’s enjoy this report before the big guys finally shut it down.  Special thanks to Red List Radio for bringing this report to my attention on its 8/9/12 podcast. Here’s the link:  http://www.fox19.com/story/19232163/reality-check-the-us-government-actually-created-al-qaeda

James Perloff, the Council on Foreign Relations, and 9/11

by Lex Fisher Most Americans think they are participating in a representative government, where their interests and concerns are channeled upward toward elected officials who then proceed to stand up for those views on their behalf.  Unfortunately for us Americans, what has happened for more than a hundred years is that organizations with no official … Continue reading

Closed-Mindedness and the Phrase ‘Conspiracy Theory’

by Lex Fisher In American culture, variations of the phrase conspiracy theory are often used to discourage investigations of possible American government complicity in crimes.  The common response of most Americans to conversations questioning governmental involvement in 9/11 or other crimes is that this is just conspiracy theory.  It is this rush to judgment in … Continue reading

Falling into the Alternative Perspective

by Lex Fisher Falling is the process of beginning to understand that the world is a different place than what we’ve been made to believe, and the process of coping with the significance of those truths. My personal process of falling started when I came across one of the movies from the Loose Change series.  The … Continue reading