Falling into the Alternative Perspective

by Lex Fisher

Falling is the process of beginning to understand that the world is a different place than what we’ve been made to believe, and the process of coping with the significance of those truths.

My personal process of falling started when I came across one of the movies from the Loose Change series.  The film left me open to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job, and that it was carried out by people with inside access to American governmental and administrative departments.  I proceeded to watch more movies and begin my own research, until I finally landed upon the Youtube documentaries of the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth).

In AE911Truth’s documentaries, some very respected scientists, architects and engineers argue that the Twin Towers could not have fallen as a result of plane impacts and fires, and they also argue that the buildings that fell exhibited all of the characteristics of a classic controlled demolition.  For them, the third building that fell, WTC Building 7, is the proverbial smoking gun.  Building 7 collapsed into rubble without being hit by a plane, without being significantly damaged by debris, and without experiencing long-lasting fires.  That was it – I was convinced.

My process of falling continued.  How could I have been so stupid?  I remember having the gut feeling back in 2001 that the way those buildings fell didn’t jive with common sense, but I quickly came to believe the story I had been spoon fed by the mainstream media.  How could I spend ten years believing the official story on 9/11?

It would follow that if 9/11 was an inside job, all of the major events that have occurred in American politics as the result of 9/11 were based on this flawed premise.  All of the people who have died – based on lies.  Protecting ourselves from terror at home and abroad – based on lies.  Invading Iraq – based on lies.  Invading Afghanistan – based on lies.  The 9/11 commission and its results – based on lies.

What I took most personally was that I had been made into a believer of the official story.  When we invaded Iraq in the March of 2003, I was glued to the TV.  I felt like I had been one of those soldiers, entering into a mysterious territory, for a purpose I believed in, in order to protect Americans back on American soil.  When Saddam’s statue fell, I got chills.  And to think, it was all based on a lie.

Although my fundamental belief on 9/11 had changed, I was determined to get more information, and I wouldn’t stop until my desire to know everything had been solved.  I watched countless Youtube videos, trying to separate fact from fiction.  I searched lots of websites.  I read books on the topic.  I started a Twitter account for the sole purpose of following ‘truthers.’  I wanted to get to the bottom of three things: how was it done, who did it, and why would they do it.

Most of all, I experienced a whole new set of emotions.  I felt betrayed.  For a while, I was very angry.  I felt like I had been swindled, like I had been taken for a ride.  How would the families of men and women who died in the military in the last decade feel?  Or the families of those who actually died on 9/11?

I wondered whether it was wise for me to be doing my research via Google or Youtube, and potentially get myself put on some list.  At what point would my interest in the matter cause a red flag that would make the thought police start keeping an eye on me?  Could I share my newfound beliefs with just anybody?  And if I shared it with someone I knew really well, would their opinion of me change?

My job at that time was located right next to a major American airport.  During my lunch breaks, I would sit outside and use my smartphone to check the Twitter posts of 9/11 truthers and the growing alternative information movement which I had slowly become aware of.  Every few minutes, a giant commercial jet would fly directly overhead at low-altitude, on its way to the airport runway.  I would get a rush of adrenaline as the great whale of a plane passed overhead, its fantastically-large engines producing sounds loud enough to send shockwaves through my chest.  I imagined the image that I had played on Youtube countless times, of planes just as large travelling 400-plus miles per hour and slamming into buildings with all of their force, and exploding into stadium-sized balls of fire.

In the coming weeks and months, I focused my energy on three main questions, ‘how, who, and why.’ I did a lot of research, and listened to a lot of podcasts.  I had already downloaded an android app, “Stitcher,” which I had been using to listen to sports talk radio, and I re-directed my Stitcher time to listening to podcasts from what’s often referred to as the alternative info movement, a broad group of people who focus on news and information that they believe is suppressed by the mainstream media, of course 9/11 truth being paramount among those issues.

On Stitcher and through other sources, I would come across what seemed like good information and bad information.  The good stuff was well-sourced and referenced, and often had a firm basis in declassified governmental documents or quotes from the Rumsfelds and Cheneys of the world.  The bad stuff tended to take a valid topic and go in a believable direction for a moment, and then suddenly take a turn into some fantastic direction, for instance that aliens were responsible or that 9/11 was an optical illusion.

I believe I hit the jackpot when I came across the podcast of James Corbett and the Corbett Report.  This is an alternative news and research source which in my opinion is so academic and well-balanced, and I was hooked.  There’s something about James Corbett, perhaps it’s just sheer genius, but you get the impression that he is exercising the highest possible form of judgment over the information he has researched and presented to his listeners.  In the world of alternative information, I consider the Corbett Report to be the most legitimate source you can find for what’s true and what’s not.  It didn’t take long for me to become a devout believer in the Corbett Report.  One of the most important decisions you can make in American life is currently a decision that many of us let corporate America decide for us: where do you get your news and information from?  In my writings, it will be impossible for me to properly reference every source and topic that James Corbett has brought to my attention.  Of course, my views are not necessarily his views.  My hope is that what I have done with the valuable information he has compiled does him some justice.

Corbett’s research cleared up a lot of questions for me.  Through his research, I have answered the questions of who, why, and how, although I can’t say that the research I’ve done would succeed in convicting anybody in court.  This is because the perpetrators of 9/11 are psychotically clever.  Once you begin to peel the onion, you find an overlapping and ever-complex network of companies, non-profit organizations, countries, intelligence agencies, and operatives that have switched sides multiple times, all of which makes the task of finding out who actually hit the switches and tripped the fuses a truly scientific endeavor, beyond the reach of the vast majority of us.

Still, the question of why is the easiest to answer and the most disturbing.  As it turns out, 9/11 is not the main event, but instead just another event in more than a hundred years of efforts to control the course of history and to manipulate the public into doing whatever it is that they wanted them to do.  And the answer to the question of who they are – drum roll please – leads you to a network of people some refer to as the New World Order, the Illuminati, the banking elite, the secret societies, etc… They have a variety of names.  I’m going to refer to them primarily as the globalists, because all of their organizations and secret societies are stated to be in support of leading the world toward a single-world-governmental system with them in control.  I’m also going to refer to them as the invisible government, because that’s how they’ve functioned through the years, as a shadow group that influences what our government does, with the false appearance that American government is dictated by the voting power of the public.  One of their flagship organizations, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), was started in 1921 for the purpose of changing the climate of public opinion in the US in order to eventually enter us into a world government. (1:09:20)  More than any other organization, the CFR has functioned as an invisible government, by controlling the actions of their members who hold top corporate and political positions throughout the world.  The globalists’ incredible wealth has given them the power to influence the course of events virtually anywhere around the world.

If this sounds hard to believe, I can sympathize, because it was very difficult for me to digest this information when I first came across it.  I will get into many specifics, but ultimately it is up to you to do your own research.  And it is my belief that when you do, you will find that virtually every 20th and 21st century historical event you were taught in your high school history classes has a different explanation than what you were originally taught.  Virtually, every explosion, every protest, and every crisis have been initiated by different people than we have been led to believe.  All of modern American history – is a lie.

Are you falling yet?  Or are you revving your engines, just waiting for the chance to shoot down every one of my claims?  I understand that the assertion that all of American history is a lie is a big pill to swallow, but it makes more sense when you start to hear about the context and historical basis of this claim.  The CFR started with a main objective that was very communistic.  They didn’t want a government ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’ – in fact, they wanted the very opposite.  Furthermore, they understood that it was necessary to keep the democratic appearance that power was in the hands of the voting masses, while slowly and quietly working behind the scenes to rule the entire world. (00:06:55)

If you are a familiar with the Christian Bible, does this sound biblical to you?  Many people believe that this dynamic of someone attempting to unify the entire world under one entity is very biblical, and signifies that the spiritual end times of humanity are near.  I don’t doubt it.  The irony is that the architects of these single-world-governance plans feel that we are in the end-game of this process.  Potentially, it will not be until the process is already irreversible, that the majority of the American public will even become aware of this plan, perhaps when it’s already too late.

The globalists understood very early on that it was possible to control what people think.  They understood how to use ‘false flag’ tactics, in which you can have something blown up, and people will automatically assume that their enemy did it and support efforts to go after that enemy.  G. Edward Griffin says that this tactic has been around for centuries, and that even Machiavelli wrote about it. (00:32:58)  The globalists have become masters of this and similar tactics, and perhaps it can be said that they got a little drunk with the power that comes from manipulating the public so easily.  One of the boldest such false flag operations in all of history was the carrying-out of the events of 9/11.

A similar tactic being used is the secret support of grassroots and guerilla movements from other countries to overthrow leaders that fail to suit the globalists’ agenda.  The most recent example is the wave of political protests in countries across the Middle East.  Globalist operatives are supplying oppositional groups with money, manpower, and in some situations, arms.  Through this process they are currently working their way through the Middle East.  Egypt, Libya, Syria, and so on… until they finally succeed in monopolizing Middle Eastern oil reserves and triggering World War III.  These plans are carried out with boldness and swagger, and written about publicly.   Blogger Tony Cartalucci talks about the Brookings Institutes’s 2009 discussion of possible strategies in Iran:

“Hailed as the “most obvious and palatable method” of bringing about the Iranian government’s demise, Brookings suggests fostering a popular revolution. It brazenly admits the role of the “civil society organizations” in accomplishing this and suggests massive increases in funding for subversive activities in Iran.” (Cartalucci)

The invisible government has often employed the tactic of using the intelligence agencies of other countries to carry out their dirty work, such as the Israeli Mossad and the Pakistani ISI; that way, anyone who sees them in action will not think that these actions were done by Americans or Europeans, and people will blame them on other countries.  One of the most unnoticed facts in the area of post 9/11 investigative speculation is the presence of Israeli operatives in and around New York City on September 11th, 2001, and in the weeks that followed.  On 9/11, a van full of Mossad Agents was seen videotaping the World Trade Center tragedy.  On the same day group of Israelis was found with a van-full of explosives on the George Washington Bridge.  Still on the same day, group of Israelis actually detonated a van full of small explosives in Downtown Manhattan.  In the weeks following 9/11, more than 60 Israelis were detained by US authorities.  Quietly, they were all sent back to Israel without standing trial. (Dionisi, Pg 82-86)

Members of the invisible government have occupied countless of the top political and corporate positions in the world over the past century, and continue to do so to this day.  They hold the major stakes of all the major news, television, movie, newspaper, magazine and book-publishing companies in the Western world.  Through ownership and by being employed in some of the top decision-making posts in these companies, they have been able to control what the public knows and doesn’t know.  Often the mainstream news outlets will accurately report real, relevant news, but then the story gets dropped entirely.

Too few Americans consider media bias when deciding where to get their information from.  Truthful information is out there, but you won’t find it on CNN or Fox News.  Instead, the pursuit of media truth is a difficult one; you need to be willing to go through some work to navigate your way through a web of smaller and more obscure blogs and websites in order to obtain information that avoids the bias of the mainstream media outlets.  The globalists are currently scrambling to find ways to regulate what is said over the Internet, although the First-Amendment declaration that Americans have free speech has made this activity very difficult for them.

Use of the symbolism from the movie The Matrix is far overdone in the alternative world, but still, it is extremely relevant.  When you combine all of the different ways that Americans’ beliefs and those of people around the globe are influenced the invisible government, we arrive at a view of the world that parallels the storyline of The Matrix.

In The Matrix, people experienced a false reality.  Their brains were plugged into a virtual reality world that seemed just like everyday life, but in reality they lived their entire lives physically unconscious, and their bodies slept permanently in futuristic pods, being farmed for their energy and their energy production capabilities by computers, who had developed their own consciousness and grown to take over the world.  Human beings’ false realities kept them happy, and kept them from realizing that they were being taken advantage of.  Whenever any radicals pursued the forbidden truth, a virtual police force would track them down in the dream world and attempt to eliminate them.

In the real world that we live in, people experience a false reality that they get from television, the news, and movies.  Just as in The Matrix, people’s lack of consciousness and willingness to live under a false reality makes their oppression possible.  In real-life America, people are consumed by various forms of entertainment being provided by corporate America – mainly television, movies, entertainment and social networking – that they are often too lazy to conduct any true critical analysis of the world they live in.

In the real-life Matrix, Americans believe that we live under a terrorist threat that we must always protect ourselves from.  They believe that our government, although flawed and painstakingly inefficient, serves our best interests and represents our needs and concerns.  They believe that the world financial system is a conglomerate of all of the financial interests of the world, and that the systematic tides of the stock markets of the world are the results of forces that are largely out of everyone’s control.  They believe that the earth-friendly and pro-sustainable practices being written into the bylaws of global partnership are for the purpose of helping our planet, and that they have no ulterior motive.  They believe countless things like this that are all untrue.

The terrorist threat was actually manufactured by the invisible government, using black operations forces to carry it out, and scare us into supporting the established regime and its imperialist agenda.  The terrorist threat also scares us into supporting measures that seem to be aimed at protecting us from terrorism, but in reality function to limit our civil liberties.  It’s possible that by the time we awaken as a public to what’s really going on right under our noses, a full set of laws will be in place in America for the globalists to convert America into a police state and force us to behave however they want us to.  These same laws we’re supporting as part of the ‘war on terror’ are increasing the power of the executive branch of the government so that the fundamental idea of ‘checks and balances’ that was woven into the initial fabric of our government will have long since been eroded.  (00:37:30)

Members of the alternative movement have become so cynical about the truthfulness of the official story on anything reported in the news, that they have been trained t suspect manipulation of mass consciousness with every news story that comes out.  The moment that a lone gunman stormed a movie theater in July of 2012 in Aurora, Colorado, shooting 71 people and killing 12, the alternative press wasted no time speculating over whether this event was staged to pave the way for tighter gun-control regulations, which would then render people helpless when the globalists finally impose martial law and turn the United States into a police state.

The world financial system in reality is supremely dominated by the few large banking houses, which have been related to the invisible government for over a hundred years.  They are currently running the economies and stock markets of Europe and the United States into the ground, so that Europeans will support apparent solutions that in reality force them to give up even more of their sovereignty than they already have by entering into the European Union, and so that Americans will accept apparent solutions that involve abolishing our currency and entering us into a regional nationhood with Canada and Mexico, en route to a world government.

The idea that environmental pollution is endangering the planet may or may not be true, but it has been co-opted by the globalists to get us to support measures like Agenda 21 in the name of sustainable development.  These agreements appear to be the efforts of multiple nations coming together to agree on steps they will take to protect the environment, reduce emissions, and conserve resources, but what they really are doing is imposing global laws that legally connect the countries of the world, changing them from nations to nation-states under an all-encompassing body.

I intend to cover all of these topics, but I understand that this topic matter has a level of complexity that is ultimately out of my reach.  I am not here to convince you of the truth.  I think that finding the truth is something that each of us needs to do in our own hearts, based on full exposure to every side of the story.  Ultimately, your choice to ignore or embrace certain ideas as true or false is an emotional decision, because after all, we are only human.

If you haven’t fallen yet, how does it make you feel to know that if you get your primary news from ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, or similar networks, you will have one worldview, and that if you get it from Infowars.com, FederalJack.com, The Corbett Report, or similar sources, you will have an entirely different one?  How do you judge who to believe?  Do you just listen to the mainstream outlets because they have a larger audience and more money?  Isn’t it at least worthwhile to get both sides of the story and judge for yourself?

Since my own personal awakening, I’ve talked to many people with a range of political beliefs.  I’ve found one thing to be true about anyone who refuses to entertain the alternative perspective: they also refuse to read the alternative perspective. In other words, there is an element of denial and/or fear that is motivating closed-mindedness regarding the alternative viewpoint.  If you are a person who disagrees with the things I have said so far or is even angered by those views, I have one question for you: if the future of the world you live in depends on whether or not you become aware of certain things, don’t you at least want to know what those things are?  In my opinion, it is your civic duty to read my book in its entirety or another book which espouses similar views.  If you are not fully versed in the contemporary alternative viewpoint – which is extremely well-formulated at this point thanks to a handful of people – then you do not have the right to say that the viewpoint is false.  And please, don’t wait until all of the evil plans of the globalists have already been carried out to look back and say we were right to begin with.  By then it will be too late.

If it is correct to say that a sinister shadow government has been behind all of the major political and historical developments of the last century, a logical question is ‘what do they plan to do next?’  I will look backward at things that have already happened, and also speculate regarding what lies in store for us in the future.  A lot of this information will seem outlandish unless you are well schooled in the wealth of alternative information that’s out there.

The current direction of our world is toward a socialistic authoritarian government where people are extremely regulated; where our privacy is virtually non-existent; where we are organized in society according to what we’re good at; where the world population will be phased downward (i.e. people will be killed) under the premise that the planet can only handle a certain number of people; where education will serve to program the masses in a much more comprehensive sense, using technology, and we will be taught literally what to believe in school, and if we believe anything different, there will be consequences. The fundamental organization of society will be into a feudal type of society, where certain people enjoy the benefits of being in the elite, and the vast majority of us will be like serfs, heavily regulated and utilized in society as laborers and nothing more.

The mere existence of an invisible government is inherently illegal.  If our current American government is built under the assumption that the views of the public is represented by elected government officials, and these elected officials vote amongst each other to make amendments to our laws, then the idea of an invisible non-elected group behind the scenes, calling the shots, undermines the underlying premise of our entire government.  We don’t currently have a system of laws that outlaws an invisible government per se, because most Americans have no idea of the existence of an invisible government, and therefore, measures to outlaw such a thing have never been put on the agenda.

If you look at the slow and steady progress that this invisible government has made toward achieving their goals over the years, it might seem like their goals are our ultimate destiny.  Europe is already consolidated into a European Union, with a common currency.  Numerous plans to join the US to other countries in ways that reduce our independent nationhood – NAFTA, GATT, WTO, FTAA and the SPP – have been advanced and/or ratified without most Americans even knowing what they are. (1:27:15)

My hope that we can bring about positive change is based in the fact that the plan to take over the world was engineered at a time when the latest technologies that connect humans to one another didn’t exist yet.  These plans began before the true effect of a digital age on populations of people was fully understood.  I believe that although the masses of people of the world have unknowingly played right into their role as serfs over the years, prioritizing entertainment over awareness, the advances of our digital age have created a potential in us that has yet to be realized.  We have vast untapped abilities to spread ideas, take back our freedoms, and bring society to newer heights, where we can share art and cutting-edge ideas with one another, instead of stay at home and watch fictional entertainment.

A renaissance is quietly brewing under the surface of our culture, but I’m positive that it’s there.  We’ve developed new talents, abilities, and potential, and we’re certainly not mindless peasants who only exist to be manipulated.  Not only will our renaissance make it impossible for the invisible government to control the masses as they’ve done over the past century, it is necessary for us to start thinking of the amazing horizons we will reach after we’ve fallen, woken up, and decided that we’re going to bring humanity to new, uncharted heights.  We need to break the chains of control that have easily held us over the years, but this will be a non-violent act where each of us decides that we’re going to use the full potential of our minds and not let anyone do the thinking for us.

Now, let’s get back to our current reality.  What do we Americans currently like to do more than anything else with our daily time?  We love to be entertained.  Many of us know that we could perhaps be a little more driven, perhaps read a little more, perhaps work just a little harder to fulfill our fullest potential as human beings, but that couch is just oh so comfortable.  That HBO mini-series and that light beer just seem to call our names as we ponder whether or not to do something to make ourselves better people.  And this seems to be the struggle within each of us, whether to consume or to produce, whether to work just a little harder to exercise our brains and become more conscious, or to just sit back and be entertained.  I’m here to tell you that this is not a private battle within yourself to fulfill your potential.  This is a battle between you and the globalists, who love the idea that you are too preoccupied to care about what is happening to your own world.  They love the idea that you’d rather discuss Snooki and Kim Kardashian than investigate whether 9/11 was an inside job or find out what Agenda 21 is.  We’ve been lulled to sleep by schooling that has given us a boring and untrue version of history, and by a world of professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities that are just so fun to stare at.

And if you happen to be one of the more responsible Americans out there, what does that mean?  It means that you watch financial shows on channels like CNBC, that you have one or two advanced degrees in topics that make you more specialized machines than most people in the labor market, and that perhaps you’ve planned for your retirement.  But you still come home after a hard day’s work and read the pre-programmed news that is being spoon fed to you by instruments of an invisible government, whose intention is to keep you busy and exploit you.  You still chat with friends about whether to vote democrat or republican, failing to see that they are two forms of the same evil.  I want to help inspire people to care about the path of humanity and our future generations.  Let’s look at the big picture and the greater good.  If we continue to have no interest whatsoever in the subject, all we’re doing is continuing to hand over the reigns to a group of people who love to be in control, and who have anything but your best interests in mind.



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