Alan Watt cuts through the matrix (on his 7/26/12 podcast).

by Lex Fisher

Alan Watt is an information crusader whose daily podcast is called Cutting Through the Matrix.  He has also written numerous books and articles.  Cutting Through the Matrix usually begins with a tirade by Watt where he describes his unique version of the globalist agenda on that particular day.  Then he discusses articles and current events through an alternative lense.

The opening to Watt’s July 26th 2012 Cutting Through the Matrix podcast tackled this issue in a particularly poignant way.  Here’s the beginning segment of that podcast, which can be accessed at

“Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, this is Cutting through the Matrix on July 26th, 2012.  Newcomers, I would suggest that you make good use of, there’s a good archive there going back many years, and you’ll find over a thousand audios.  We’re trying to fill in the blanks, to the reality that you live in, and give you, really, the true reality, the reality that should be visible to all but through your conditioning you can’t see it.  And your constant media indoctrination, and your major educational indoctrination as well.  So help yourself to the audios, you’ll learn an awful lot about the big foundations and organizations that got together an awful long time ago, to basically run the world the way that they thought it should be run, in a scientific manner, to suit themselves of course, because the biggest money boys on the planet are inter-generational, and they had got together, say in the 1800’s, and then formed their clubs, and then in the 1900’s they wrote about it, and what they were doing.  Today, we call them the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they also have The Royal Society, and many other organizations all associated to run the entire planet, and the way we think, and see things, and how we basically behave in our society, to suit themselves, of course, but they want to control the whole world and all its resources, in what they call ‘the proper fashion,’ right down to you, cause you see, you’re a human resource, and your function is to produce and pay taxes, for your whole life, and hopefully, you’ll die before you get your pension, that’s the big part that’s coming out now too, they don’t really want to give you your pension, why don’t we just die off and we’ll give you a pill, it’s very very cheap on a national health service, like they’re pushing in Britain and elsewhere…

But we are living in a fiction, in a sense, it’s been very very well organized, they’ve had neuroscientists working on our minds for a long time, behaviorists, psychologists of all kinds, to make sure they get uniform societies across the world, and eventually they hope to have literally that, a standardized, uniform society across the whole planet, where the people are dumbed down, and behave themselves, and are well entertained, and will take an awful lot, in other words from the government itself, in other words they’ll take a lot of nasty stuff from the government, and they’ll also pay back an awful lot to the government, because they’re going into austerity. That’s the big plan, austerity, where all the big boys at the top plunder you, over and over again.  They own the governments, they own the big corporations, even the corporations of associations of ex-countries like the E.U.  It’s a big corporation now.  They own all those people, now, millions of them.  And they want to do the same for the United States as well.  And the Middle East.  And the Pacific Rim region too.  Big plans, mind you, but why not, when you run the world?  Why not go and have big plans, you’ve always gotten away with it before, and they muddy up the reality so well, the average Joe hasn’t really a clue what’s going on.  All you get at the bottom are the side effects that fall out of things, and the cost of it too. And that’s how it’s dished out to you.  Very old plan – it uses communism, it uses fascism, it uses everything, in fact, that’s really both sides of the same thing, it’s really cannibalistic in a sense, the way they use opposites to make things happen, and it works very, very well, and you’re living through it now.  Big changes, they call it the age of transitions, and God help us all, back with more after this break.

Hi folks I’m back, we’re cutting through the matrix, and talking about reality, because it’s a struggle to get there, to get into any reality at all, there’s so many conflicting stories about things.  And of course, that’s part of the tactic of controlling the people, you have so many conflicting stories on every topic, and it’s meant to shut you down, you just give up, and shut down, and then you take the eventual mainstream word for it and go with them, that’s how you’re controlled, really.  You’re not supposed to ever go by your own judgments, in fact you’re not supposed to really have any judgments, unless they’re given to you as well, you’re told what to even be prejudiced about, and what to accept, even if it’s nasty to you.  But everything’s managed that way.  There’s nothing out there on mainstream media that isn’t managed, very well managed, because remember too, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Royal Institute on International Affairs, even before World War I they owned all the newspapers on the planet.  That’s all the newspapers on the planet.  And, to date only four corporations run all the media in the US.  Four corporations, and really, they’ll all be connected together too, with the appearance, of competition. 

But this article here is from The New York Times, and it’s about the campaign trail, for instance it’s a small example, but it gives you the names of the different advisors that work behind Romney, for instance, and other ones as well.  And these advisors are more important than presidents.  The advisors know the big story, they know the big push for the world, they know what it’s supposed to be doing, they work with other advisors across the planet, they’ve been specially trained.  And you can get actors as front-men, they’re well rewarded for it mind you, but the advisors are very important. 

And it says here, it talks about the campaign trails, and it says here Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney advisor, and David Plouffe, who’s a senior advisor, insist at times on approval of their quotations.  So anything that comes out of the politician’s mouths has to get approval after to be printed in any media or even mentioned on television on the news, by these advisors.  They all have them, by the way.  Who appoints these advisors to them?  You understand, there’s only one group that appoints advisors to all the parties.  And they know, they know their job, they know their job very very well, it’s always good to see what’s behind them.  Sometimes they’re so secretive about who these advisors are, that they can keep it – there’s an article in Ontario, quite a few years back, about, and mainstream, about, they talked for the first time about the Premier of Ontario, it’s the Governor of the whole Ontario, and it did mention after this guy was in there for years, he had an advisor, and it said they couldn’t tell you who he was, they were scared, the reporter said they were scared to mention his name, he was so powerful.  It was Gold something it turned out to be, his last name.  He went off to the feds after he worked in interior government.  But he had been there for years running the whole show, and the front-man, the elected, was just a puppet, you see.  And that’s how it’s always been run at the federal level in the states too, Britain’s no different either.  It’s all the same trick.  So you can’t believe anything from the mainstream, it is that micro-controlled, micro-controlled.  I’ll put this article up tonight from The New York Times, and you can read it for yourself.   There’s another one similar to it too, with one of the well-known reporters talking about it and how there is no realness in anything, basically, it’s all fake. 

I mentioned too about Richard N. Haass, he’s the president of The Council on Foreign Relations, remember The Council on Foreign Relations, like all these big foundations, etcetera and think tanks, they’re all qualified as charitable, non-profit organizations.  But everybody who’s a member of it, becomes president, or Prime Minister, across the whole planet, because you see they’re in every country across the world, they have been for a hundred years.  And, you can’t get anywhere unless you’re a member of it, you can’t even join it, pay your dues, you must be asked into it, you’re well vetted and tested long before you’re asked to come into it, to make sure you’re on board with the global agenda, which the public is supposed to be completely ignorant of and be kept ignorant of.

So here’s a guy, Richard N. Haass, powerful guy at the top of the world, who does the work behind the scenes, works with all NSA and all the different groups there, all the militaries across the world, a charitable guy, very charitable, and he’s on about entering Syria without arms.  Now, no one elects these groups, remember, they’re private, private organizations, not charitable foundations, but they run the world.  And Carroll Quigley talked about that, he should know, because he was their official historian, who gave you an alternative view of history.  He said, ‘What these guys have done for a hundred years, the wars they’ve caused, should be known to the general public.’  He thought the public would accept it, maybe they’re so dumbed down they would.  They’ve been behind all the wars.  These are the guys who have special agents working for them, stirring up trouble across the planet.  Working with intelligence agencies, the guys in intelligence agencies are part of the organization, this charitable organization.  Even though they’ve been funded and paid by you, the taxpayer, via the government. (link to the article mentioned below)

Much of the debate over what to do in the Middle East tends to pit realists against idealists. Bahrain is a classic case, as is Saudi Arabia and, for that matter, Egypt: calls for the United States and other countries with interests and influence in the region to stand up for democracy and human rights run up against concerns that national-security interests will suffer if pro-Western authoritarian regimes are ousted. European and US policymakers often attempt to square the circle with a compromise policy that is inconsistent and satisfies no one.”  Now remember this is a master manipulator talking here, just like Brzezinski.  “Syria offers a stark contrast to this pattern in the sense that strategic and humanitarian interests are aligned. Many governments have a strategic desire to oust a regime that is closely allied with Iran and Hezbollah. And there is a humanitarian desire to get rid of a regime that has killed as many as 15,000 – if not more – of its own people.”  Now, I can go back and give you the article months ago where he said the numbers were fake and the CFR and himself he put them out in the first place.  So he’s just putting out numbers, like that.  “But an armed intervention would be a large undertaking, one requiring not just considerable air power, and,” he says, “but also ground forces, given the existence of at least two capable divisions that remain loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.”  And he goes on to say down here, he says, “One alternative to direct military intervention is to provide arms and other forms of support to the opposition.” Then he says, “This is being done.”  You see, the US and Britain and Israel and other countries are providing the arms, and the training even, for these so-called rebels.  They’re being flown in from all over the place, to take part in ousting Assad.   So, he says, this is being done.  They are arming them.  “The case for helping people defend themselves is obvious,” actually there was no trouble before they started the revolt, “But arming the opposition is not without its drawbacks. It risks fueling a civil war and encouraging regime loyalists to dig in. In addition, arms provided to fight the regime will be used by factions to fight one another if and when the regime is removed, thereby making the aftermath in Syria that much more violentBut intervention need not be defined as either armed intervention or intervention with arms. There is much more that the world can and should be doing to bring about the removal of the Assad regime.”  He hasn’t given us a reason ‘why.’  So he goes on about economic sanctions, increase that too, he’s already said that the West is arming these rebels, and, he goes on and on and on with a big big plan from the United Nations, because of course the United Nations’ big boys are all part of the CFR as well.  The United Nations, remember, is a front organization for the bankers who created The Royal Institute for International Affairs and The Council on Foreign Relations, a hundred years ago.

So, we’re living through a big, big agenda.  This is the century for change, remember.  Not just change across the world, to standardize everyone and try to get the same educational system in and get ‘em all dumbed down with inoculations and mercury and various other things, but also they want to bring down the population after eventually as well, and using the western style as well, where we abort more children than have live births now. 

And this article here, next one,… it’s from The Sovereign Independent, this is an article about the morality of politicians demanding the abolition of cash.  You see, the world is going to go cashless eventually.  And, the conservative member of Parliament, David Gauke came out with ‘paying with cash is morally wrong.’  Now the head of the Treasury has come out and said the same thing, and the guy who’s in charge of her majesty’s Customs and Revenue Taxation Service.  They’ve even got courses for children, they have to get told to inform on people who have hired and are not paying tax, when they’re eleven years of age they get courses at school to clamp on people, to turn them in, to the government.  So anyways I’m just wondering what planet these creeps think they live on, and who they think they are.  They’re living in a delusional world where they seem to believe that they are some kind of higher beings who have the right to subjugate and control all those below them, well that’s exactly how they think about themselves.  But the truth is that they are our servants.  They’re supposed to be our servants.  

They’re also a democracy.  Have you ever looked into the meaning of democracy?  How many people out there have actually looked into the origins of the term democracy, and compare it with the French one… where the government’s supposed to be your servants.  It’s just they of course don’t believe or indeed care about that fact that they’re our servants, and continue to vote themselves massive salaries, and pension and rights, as well as other perks and goodies from which they benefit.  We only have to look at the disgusting wealth now in Tony Blair’s moral bank account, equivalent to approximately eighty million pounds.  This is a guy who single-handedly took Britain to war, along with Bush, to see the depths of morality incumbent in these traitorous psychopaths, to see that politicians have no right to preach austerity to the people of this country (England) any more than they even have the right to mention the world morality, when they’re more than happy to murder and maim millions of human beings at a whim.  And we better remember that.  They don’t see murdering people abroad any differently than murdering you back home, they really don’t…”

Watt opened his podcast by talking about the “reality that should be visible to all but through your conditioning you can’t see it.”  For a person just learning about the CFR and other invisible government groups, you might assume that their operations are done in private, but the irony is that the grand majority of them are done publicly and out in the open.  Maintaining full secrecy would preclude people who are in support of the globalists’ agenda from having a place to get their directions from.

This is not to say that the globalists intend on sharing their plans with the public; the intent is only for this information to be shared among the elite.  The information is kept only within intended circles because of the manner in which it’s spoken.  Alan Watt on a different Cutting Through the Matrix podcast stated that ‘the globalists write publicly about their plans, but it’s just that their books are really boring.’  When Watt claims that people are conditioned not to see the true reality, in my opinion he’s not talking about us being conditioned to believe certain things.  He’s talking about our being conditioned to not want to hear information that’s passed along in an academic manner.  The schooling we experienced was so boring, so dry, and it was contrasted by fun and simple television entertainment, that we have develop a subconscious aversion to information which is presented in a technical fashion.  This is why countless publications, many of which can even be found on the Internet, matter-of-factly state globalist plans to oust national leaders, to support oppositional movements, and even to join regions of countries into larger unions, as was done in the E.U.  These publications are written very academically, in a way that tends to appeal to people who have had a top-tier education and who are among the top income earners.  In these writings, the authors openly state the plans of the globalists because they know that the public stays away from the appearance with which this writing is being presented.

On The Corbett Report, James Corbett has mentioned the CNN talk show, Global Public Square (GPS), as a place where CFR member and CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria does exactly this.  He talks about plans to imperialize areas of the Middle East and compete against superpowers like Russia and China.  Zakaria often brings on guests who are very prominent within the globalist movement.  Corbett says that if you tune into shows like these, you can hear the globalists announcing their plans to the world.  So, I made it a point to begin recording episodes of GPS.

The first episode I listened to was on July 6th, 2012.  One of the first issues Zakaria brought up was Obamacare.  Zakaria’s take on why the public wasn’t very accepting of Obamacare was because of its difficult high-level language.  Zakaria said that many Americans were having a hard time understanding the fundamental tenets of the Obamacare bill, and that might be the source of some of the misunderstanding regarding the bill.  I thought it was interesting that the first thing I heard in my viewing of GPS was talk about how the majority of Americans lacked the ability to understand high-level jargon; this is a fundamental component of how the globalist agenda is kept away from the general public.

Next, Watt moves on to the invisible government organizations, as well as the idea that different types of scientists have been working on formulating ways to control the thinking of the masses.  Then Watt arrives at the idea of austerity.  Austerity is a word you’ll hear a lot of in the alternative media, as well as the news discussing matters of international affairs.  ‘Catch words’ are very important; for instance James Perloff says that the CFR states its agenda to be ‘peace’ and ‘prosperity.’  Austerity has been coming up recently in talks about the Eurozone economic crisis.  The official understanding of what’s happening in the Eurozone is simply that not just Europe but the world is undergoing a difficult transition in these times, and that it’s necessary to use Austerity.  Austerity is the international economic equivalent of when a person is undergoing financial hard times and starts to be more careful of what they spend money on, that is, until better times return.  The idea of austerity implies that the masses hold a degree of control over what’s going on in the international financial arena, and that their decision to accept austerity measures will help to get countries through these economic times.  In reality, the difficult economic times that we’re going through are no mistake; they are part of an effort on the part of the globalists to transition the world into the final stages of a New World Order.  Professor Michel Chossudovsky alleges, for instance, that the current Eurozone and American financial crisis are the result of the intentional destabilization of those economies through derivative trading in order to create public vulnerability.  In other words, since we are on the brink of world government, with Europe in the EU, America in the process of joining with Canada and Mexico, and most of the other countries of the world vastly dependent on the above countries, what will take us to the final step is a period of economic collapse.  When the stock market has crashed, and currency is worth nothing, and people are unemployed, it is at that time that they will be open to the globalists’ solutions which will inevitably be agreements that threaten the national sovereignty of the countries that are involved.  Think WTO times 20.  Mentions of austerity are part of the psychological game, where the masses think that it was their participation in bad mortgages and unwise spending that got us here, and that if they tighten their bootstraps, we’ll get through it.  It’s a way to get people to slowly accept their economic collapse without revolting or blaming it on the establishment.

Watt mentions that this is a “very old plan” which uses communism  and fascism.  In fact when you look at Michael Ruppert’s analysis of legal changes to American legislation post-9/11 in Crossing the Rubicon, you can see that the framework is already in place to begin to run America like a dictatorship, whenever the need arises for the elites to do so.  In my opinion, it is already incorporated into the globalists’ plan that during the endgame portion of the path toward a world government,  people will finally begin to wake up and become aware of the path to dictatorship that has been occurring all along in America.  It is at that point that the secret plans of the globalists will become overt plans.  The masses of the public will be upset, and perhaps they will turn angry or violent.  I do not advocate violent uprisings, by the way, because I see no point to them.  I advocate each of us waking up earlier rather than later, taking advantage of how the digital age has enabled us to develop a public consciousness, and using this consciousness to create a majority of independent thinkers who are resistant to globalist mass manipulation.

According to the globalists’ agenda, people will wake up when it’s too late for them to do anything.  At that point a military police state will ensue and whether or not you’re aware of the globalists’ plan will not matter anymore, because you will be forced to do so.  The Orwellian elements of the Patriot Act and other recent legislation will allow the government to find dissenters and eliminate or discredit them.  The unchecked power which has been transferred to the Executive branch of the US government over the last 10 years will allow the American president to act with impunity, without limitation from the other branches of the government.

Watt’s mention that the plans use opposites to make it happen refers to what Niki Raapana refers to as dialectical thinking, where presenting issues that split the public into two camps is used as a method to control both groups (ref).   If the extreme left is communism and the extreme right is fascism, G. Edward Griffin concurs with Raapana, saying that this dynamic can be used to create a single system which encompasses both sides, as is being done in the US  (ref).  Raapana says the best way to fight back is to refuse to take a stance on dialectical black/white issues such as abortion and gun control (ref).

Watt mentions the use of conflicting theories as a way to control people.  The best example of this is the search for 9/11 truth.  With all of the competing theories, how is the public supposed to know which are true and which ideas were placed into the mix for the purpose of intentional misinformation.  In the end, as Watt says, most average people see this complexity and just give up, going back to their everyday struggle to make ends meet and to be adequately entertained.

Then Watt talks about the secret work that is done by the people who advise powerful political figures.  He quotes an article in The New York Times which discusses the manner in which political advisors demand that the big media outlets seek approval on which quotes to televise and put in print.  I can echo the importance of political advisors in the sense that the wealth of 9/11 research I’ve done consistently brings me back to investigations of men linke Kissinger, Brzezinski, Greenberg and Soros, men who are among the most preeminent modern-day members of the world’s globalist societies.  Watt talks about the way that advisors – who control the actions of what the politicians do – are appointed in a way that the measly members of the public have no vote whatsoever over.  This gets to the fundamental illegality of secret societies and invisible government organization.  Hillary Clinton has a famous quote during a 2009 address at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washinton D.C., where she put her proverbial foot in her mouth, by saying,

“It’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department.  We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.” (ref)

Then Watt mentions an article by Richard N. Haass from the CFR, which discusses ways to topple Syria.  This is incredibly important – if you watch GPS or keep tabs on the globalist agenda through any other outlets, what you’ll find is an assumed need to imperialize the countries of the Middle East.  You’ll find countless recent articles and interviews about how to oust the leaders of Syria and other Middle Eastern countries which just so happen to be along the infinitely valuable major oil pipelines of the Middle East.  Rarely will you find an explanation of why to invade these countries; instead, the need to invade them is taken as implied.

Here, Haass says that we’re lucky to have a situation like Syria, because the country’s leaders are allied with some of our enemies, and because the public stands in disapproval of their human rights abuses.  Watt alleges that the numbers behind the human rights abuses are doctored, but I haven’t verified that claim.  Haass says that instead of causing a big stir by going in militarily, we should provide arms and other forms of support to oppositional groups within Syria.  This is less innocently referred to as an aspect of Black Ops.  What’s comical is that Haass discusses the idea of supporting indigenous insurrections as if he just invented the idea.  Meanwhile, the United States has been arming and supporting oppositional groups to international leaders they secretly oppose for decades, in hundreds upon hundreds of instances.  When will it stop?  When will we simply let other countries manage their own matters?

Next, Watt talks about leaders who are slowly starting to disseminate rhetoric about moving the world toward a cashless system.  Watt doesn’t specifically address the ramifications at this moment, but this move toward a cashless society is part of the move toward biometric and technocratic control over money.  The globalist vision for the future is that people will have identification cards or biologically-embedded computer chips which function as atm cards.  Instead of swiping your card at the store, you might swipe your wrist.  However, along with that convenience comes the government’s full awareness of what you’re doing at all times, and it opens the door to other types of surveillance.  It is a logical step toward the ultimate goal of globalists – full control over everything that the common man does.

Watt briefly talks about the true meaning of democracy, where public servants exist to serve the public.  This stands in direct contrast to what has actually happened in our world, where virtually all major public officials are part of a secret brotherhood which plots to move toward mysterious goals which are kept out of the view of the everyday man.

Watt also uses the word psychopaths.  This is something The Corbett Report has looked into at great lengths – that people who are in control of the most powerful governments and corporations seem to only want more and more power.  And what kind of people, when they have so much, would only want even more power?  According to Corbett and many, many others, only a psychopath would have such an unquenchable thirst for power.  Therefore, there’s inevitably a degree of psychopathy behind the actions of those who carry out the globalists’ agenda.


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