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My understanding of the world changed one night in 2011, when my girlfriend and I were streaming online movies on Netflix.  After finishing one movie we browsed for a second one, and we came across one of the documentaries from the Loose Change series.  Out of sheer boredom, we went ahead and watched it.  The movie reminded me that I had never fully formed an opinion one way or the other about 9/11.  And so I began researching.

Countless articles, videos, and podcasts later, I was convinced: 9/11 was an inside job.  But why would anyone with inside access to American high-security facilities have an interest in perpetrating an attack — and such a large one at that — against our own people?  This question led me to pursue months of research, which introduced me to an entire world of alternative news and information.  The alternative information movement consists of people who have cared enough about the world they live in to investigate the questions the rest of us tend to stay away from.  In this movement, there’s largescale agreement on some key issues, like 9/11 truth, the role of tax-exempt organizations in influencing policy, and the globalist desire to pursue an oppressive one-world governmental system.

The alternative information movement has long since answered the important questions.  Of course, new and valuable information emerges every single day, but the essential questions of who’s in charge, what have they done throughout history, how do they function, and what are their plans for the future have long since been answered.  Once you explore the proverbial rabbit hole and see how simple the big picture really is, what’s remarkable is the number of people who have no exposure to these issues.  To make sense of this, one only needs to stop for a moment and be reminded that we live in a society where people get most of their information from television and mainstream news outlets, which are majority-owned by the very people with a vested interest in keeping the public ignorant of certain basic truths.

Apart from the struggle to get mainstream exposure for alternative information, I found that this movement struggles against another obstacle — disjointedness.  As I explored books, websites, podcasts, tweets, and other sources of information, I found that the big picture of what’s really going on in our world was easily lost.  As my own understanding of this big picture improved, I realized that this understanding was the result of weaving together information from countless disparate sources.  When I tried to explain my stances to friends, I found that there was such an avalanche of information, that it was difficult to coherently explained what I had learned.  I found that the value of arming myself with knowledge about the urgent crises afflicting our world was lost if I didn’t find a way to document that learning process and make it possible for people to gain access to this information in a simple fashion.

This blog is my effort to compile valuable information from around the alternative information movement into one simple, easy-to-read stream.  Inevitably my own opinions will make their way into the writings, and perhaps at some point I will fail to accurately convey the true message of one or more of the authors I am discussing.  I intend to provide convenient, accessible information, but I challenge my readers to investigate my sources as much as possible and make your own interpretations.

What’s happening in our world these days is worrisome to say the least.  I believe it is necessary for all of us to stay well informed and communicate with one another about possible solutions to the evils of the world.  The most critical step, for each of us, is to rescue our  own minds by discovering the truth.  I believe that this truth will spread like wildfire, and will not only help us solve the problems that afflict us, but to take humanity to heights that have not yet even been imagined.

–Lex Fisher


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